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Project Description


Funded by the National Science Foundation (SES #1260218), the project aims to provide research tools on rebel groups and international law.

The website will provide information on human rights abuses by rebel groups in civil conflicts and international legal norms related to rebel group violence.

Basic Information



  • Rebel group related information.
  • International law related to rebel groups.
Contact Us
Project Leader

​Dr. Hyeran Jo - Assistant Professor

​Department of Political Science

Texas A&M University

Research Team

Grant Schauer

Kade Rhodes

Yvette Isidori​​

Dillon Lucas

Carly Potz-Nielsen



News & Publications

Jo, Hyeran. forthcoming. Compliant Rebels: Rebel Groups and International Law in World Politics. Cambridge University Press. (Part of Problems of International Politics Series).

Jo, Hyeran and Katherine Bryant. 2013. "Taming of the Warlords: Commitment and Compliance by Armed Opposition Groups in Civil Wars" in Thomas Risse, Stephen Ropp, and Kathryn Sikkink (eds.) The Persistent Power of Human Rights. Cambridge University Press.


Jo, Hyeran and Catarina Thomson. 2013. "Legitimacy and Compliance with International Law: Access to Detainees in Civil Conflicts 1991-2006" British Journal of Political Science.


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